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Poverty2Prosperity (P2P)

Poverty2Prosperity (P2P) is a San Francisco Bay Area CA-based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Microfinance organization engaged in the goal of alleviating and breaking the cycle of poverty through micro-loans and other poverty-escaping projects.

P2P is focused on providing micro-loans to developing-world entrepreneurs who would otherwise not have access to working capital from traditional banks and credit institutions. By providing a 'help out' rather than a 'hand out,' micro-loans form the basis of a renewable source of economic stimulus; once the micro-loan is paid back, it can be re-loaned to another deserving entrepreneur.

Micro-Loans & Asset Protection

P2P utilizes the lending technology platform provided by Kiva.org. Kiva works in the field directly with local countries' Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) and has developed a ranking system to identify sound MFIs who are enabled to present qualified borrowers (entrepreneurs) to potential lenders. Kiva then aggregates lenders to fill these micro-loans. The current repayment rate for micro-loans presented via the Kiva platform is 98.94% (as of 6/12).

P2P attempts to provide micro-loans in a socially responsible manner and as such, looks to fund loans in the following areas as a priority: development of local food supplies (agriculture), health, education, renewable energy (solar), and safe water supplies.

P2P follows these asset allocation guidelines (unless otherwise specifically outlined in a particular grant) in order to give it the highest level of asset protection and to minimize risk.

* No more than 10% of P2P's total portfolio is in any one country.*
* 95% in 3-5 Star (out of 5) MFIs as ranked currently by Kiva.

P2P Perpetual Loaning

P2P now has ten accounts with Kiva.org. Many of these accounts are what we call, Perpetual Funds, in which the donations that have gone into the accounts will be loaned perpetually into the future and never be withdrawn. You can read about our different accounts on our Funds Summary page. You can even have a Perpetual Fund set up in your or someone else's name. There is also a Memorial Wall fund in which you may have loved ones remembered as part of a fund.

Funds are tracked separately.

Why Donate to P2P?

It's simple, really... We're not giving hand-outs, but rather help-outs. The 0% interest loans we make are repaid at a rate of over 99% which is just amazing and proves how hard these people want to work themselves out of poverty. Have you ever worked for a start-up, started your own business, worked for a successful company that rewarded you for your hard work? Have you ever been able to get a credit card, a loan to buy a car or a house? These people don't have access to traditional credit like we do... This is their last chance to get funds to better their lives - funds that they clearly intend to repay. Many grow their businesses through second and third successful loans and put their kids through school and support their families passing on the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. Who could not support such a worthy concept - it's just amazing what happens when you support someone this way. The best part is that your donation comes back to P2P in the form of repayments and goes right back out to support the next person's poverty-ending endeavors. It's a gift that keeps on giving over and over again.

99% of donated funds go towards poverty-relief. P2P's overhead is very low and all workers are volunteers who do not draw any salaries.

Latest P2P Funded Entrepreneur

Rosalinda has a business selling dried fish in the Philippines and hads already paid back her loan.